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people annoy me sm like why are you stopping in the middle of side walk? don't look at me funny when I grab two donuts? I can sleep as long as I want to thx u very much

8:09pm 01/17/2017 2

“Hurting me was your choice. So, leaving you is mine.” @writing-in-the-wings

8:41am 01/17/2017 1

“She thought I was a perfectionist because I payed attention to all of her little details. I never was, I just loved her a little too much.” zedd41

10:28am 01/16/2017 6
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“They ask why I’m so bitter about love, but instead of blurting out your name, I down a shot of cinnamon whiskey and tell them I’ve watched too many marriages die to want one of my own.” E. Grin (via written-in-pen)

11:02pm 01/14/2017 1

“I have a bad habit of breaking my own heart.” Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 47
“It was never his fault”

5:17pm 01/13/2017 20

“A girl’s favorite song will tell you more about her feelings than her lips ever will.” Unknown (via ohteenscanrelate)

10:17am 01/12/2017 5

“When I was a child, I heard voices. Some would sing and some would scream. You soon find you have few choices. I learned the voices died with me.” Hozier, “Arsonist’s Lullabye”

1:45pm 01/11/2017 7

“I felt it. I felt the fall the moment you laughed. But for someone who was afraid of heights, falling never felt so good.” Lukas W. // Falling without landing

10:53am 01/10/2017 7

“She held my gaze the way she held her pen to write; gently but firmly with no absolute intention of letting go at all.” Lukas W. // Her hold

1:58pm 01/09/2017 2
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“We are bound by our mutual destruction. By everything we’ve ever been through. But I can keep holding on because, for now at least, I love you.” L.W - excerpt from a book I’ll never write #64 

6:27am 01/05/2017 2
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A$AP rocky is my absolute fav ✨🙌🏽 What's everyone's favourite song rn??

4:58am 01/03/2017 8

“maybe some things…just aren’t meant to be”
he said,
“but oh god, i’d love her so much,
if only the universe would let me.” // theseareallmywords (via theseareallmywords)

7:02am 01/02/2017 33

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