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I did the spam on my story now so go watch it if you wanna have a laugh or you are just bored or whatever

11.2.2017 18:41:04 8

"Don't pull the victim card zayn" "You are being so ignorant zayn" "You are a racist zayn" "You ony speak up against racism when it fits you zayn" "you have no right to educate us on this zayn" "You experience racism yourself but let it simply slide when others do zayn" "You are so problematic zayn" Zayn: Stays quiet about something Yall: You don't say anything to that so you're racist Zayn: Opens up for the first time about being called a terrorist Yall: Omg shut up you are not even educated on this topic IS.THIS.A.FUCKING.JOKE. Like, no matter what zayn does, yall still gonna hate on him What gigi did was quite respectful and I personally think zayn shouldn't have defended her then either BUT FUCKING STOP MAKING THIS RACIST THING ABOUT ZAYN NOW. PLEASE. Zayn is the last person to be a racist. He gets called a terrorist etc everyday and yall gonna tell me he is racist when he experiences racism everyday and obviously knows what it feels like? Seriously this doesn't make sense at all. Do u even hear what you're saying? Zayn does make mistakes sometimes and there is nothing wrong with telling him this or that is wrong BUT YALL GIVE HIM SHIT FOR EVERYTHING LITERALLY EVERYTHING HE DOES stfu honestly, this is so fucked up ✌✌✌✌✌

8.2.2017 22:31:41 1

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