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Pitch dark. Hopeless. Self loathing. Shaking. Hunting doors. Found one, but don't know where the key is. Xxx It's been a long while. The key I found wasn't the one that lead me home. Weak. Hopeless, again. Xxx I feel my veins. I feel that blood rush. I feel me. I can feel the weight of this issue. Get up. The key to this door hasn't been discovered yet. HUSTLE. Find it out. Xxx I am still searching it. Trapped in this labyrinth. Some light reaches me. I feel the heat. I am reaching out. I won't give up. Xxx I don't know the answer to where the key is, but I know what leads me to my key. Wanna know? The zeal to fight with whatever life throws at me, not look back, grow, and dust off the dirt from my shirt like I never gave a shit. Xxx #spillxbeans

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Calm my nerves

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Trying my best to handle the angles of facades through my moving car... #chroniclingmumbai

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I love not man the less, but nature the more. #whploveis . . P.s. finally found a heart shaped red leaf yay #ihavethisthingwithhearts

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Well all I ever wanted was a good solo pic of mine and then, this happens. The rare times when my father does not spoil a pic and helps me to fly a balloon. Love is these sweet fights and memorable moments. #whploveis

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" What is love? " she questioned nature. " Love is the constant hidden force behind your growth, my dear. " replied nature. #whploveis . . P.s. It was tough to locate an almost unedited heart shaped leaf. But it was worth this shot. #ihavethisthingwithhearts #spillxbeans

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Save me oh heavenly shake. ~@pizzahut

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Caught gramming. #sunraysthroughclouds

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