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So happy to be back with this handsome man. I am so lucky that he is mine. He does so much to support me in my goals and desires. He's so patient with me. I just love him!

3/26/2017 2:49:29 AM 0
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The conference just ended. I'm so pumped to start implementing all that I've learned. And so excited to see my hubby and kids in a few minutes! Love them! And I love that what my company teaches me to do, when applied, doesn't just help my business grow. It can be applied in all areas of my life to also help me be a better wife and mom. I don't have to choose between being a great mom or being a great coach. I can, and should, be both!!! I love my life! @micahfolsomfit #momlife #kidblessed #mompenuer #momboss #husbandblessed #happywife #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalacedlife #buildingyourlegacyconference

3/26/2017 2:39:37 AM 1

Another day, another concert. I mean conference! @legacyleadershipcoaching #byl #letspuketogether #buildingyourlegacyconference #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

3/25/2017 6:15:49 PM 0

Just enjoying reading some PD and soaking in the tub ON MY OWN - a rare thing for this mama. Maybe this only happens at my house but generally even if I start a bath alone little humans end up coming in. And while I miss their sweet faces and cuddles, a bath to myself is pretty nice! #momlife #kidblessed #bathtime #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

3/25/2017 4:45:32 PM 0
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About to start an Insanity live workout with Josh Coats and a bunch of other awesome people!!!! @legacyleadershipcoaching #byl #insanitylive #terriblepicofme #ithappens

3/25/2017 1:10:55 AM 0

I wish you could all be here with me!!!! Our opening talk was titled "Overcoming Adversity". And it wasn't about opposition in our business. It was jus about life, and how it's hard, and everyone has hard. And when the hard happens we can choose how we respond. Raina (our opening speaker) has been a top 10 coach in our company the past two years and she shared with us her story of her drug addicted and alcoholic husband, her battle with anxiety and depression, her health problems, weight gain, anorexia and bulimia, and more. But instead of succumbing and being a victim of life she chooses to be positive and try to reach out and serve and inspire. Josh (the guy who out this whole conference together) told us about his son who had to have 3 open heart surgeries in his first year and how scary and draining that was. He said that as he sat in the hospital during the second surgery, seeing his son swollen to twice his normal size, it was tempting to draw into all the pain he was feeling but instead when he saw a woman suffering in the waiting room decided to reach out and ask what he could do for her. He found her two sons had been in a car accident and one had died and the other was being put back together at that moment. Had he chosen to focus on his own pain and believe his pain had to be worse than hers he would have been unable to serve her. He said "Regardless of what you're going through you have 2 choices: you can be a whiny little baby, or you can choose to make life better for those around you. What you put out is what you get back every single time. Make the decision to be a light and not contribute to the darkness." I love that this is how our conference started. I love the emphasis in this company on service and helping people improve their lives. I'm so grateful to be a part of such a positive company!!! @legacyleadershipcoaching @rainavsfood #momboss #byl #letspuketogether #buildingyourlegacyconference #tulsaorbust #bealight #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalacedlife

3/24/2017 11:02:28 PM 1

Like I said, half conference, half concert. And you know what I love!?!?! There are moms wearing babies in here. Makes me miss my babies, but I love the reminder that this is such a family-friendly business. It is parents wanting to make life better for their families. And for everyone around them. I love my company! #beachbodycoacheshavemorefun #buildingyourlegacyconference #letsdothis #tulsaorbust #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalacedlife #byl #letspuketogether @legacyleadershipcoaching

3/24/2017 6:35:45 PM 1

As Ryan drove me to the airport this morning we discussed the pain and suffering of our family and friends and how it is sometimes hard to understand why sometimes God doesn't manifest himself more clearly, why His presence and love and direction isn't more recognizable in the lives of those who are struggling. The pain of those I love sometimes seems crushing and overwhelming to me. And while as I look back on the trials of my life I am truly grateful for them because of all I have learned and I recognize them as some of my greatest blessings so I can't wish away the trials of others, I do wish sometimes that life didn't have to be so hard. And then I saw this view. It is a overcast day, the sky is dark, it is rainy. As we ascended we passed through thick clouds, a total white-out, for quite a while. Going through the clouds there was intense pressure. I am not usually bothered by pressure changes during flights. But this made me feel terrible. I was already nauseated from a migraine and the pressure just made everything worse. But then we rose above the clouds and the view was breathtaking - totally glorious. And this scripture came quickly to mind. Isaiah 55 8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. 10 For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: 11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. While I don't understand why life has to be so crushingly hard, and why God is not always more abundantly present, I do trust Him. He knows the beginning from the end, He knows what He wants us to become. And He knows what it takes for us to get there. And so I will praise His name forever and be grateful for His perfect love, His complete wisdom, and His faith in me and all those I care about. #childofgod

3/24/2017 6:21:02 PM 1

On my way with no kids and no hubby. I'm attending a business training conference and I'm super excited!!!!!!! This will be my first time to be without a family member for more than a few hours since before Abby was born. I think the last time was 7 years ago or so. And while it will be nice to have some me time, I do feel a little empty. I love my family. But I know they will be well take care of and I'll see them tomorrow night. #motherhen #beachbodycoach #businesstravel #wanderlust #opportunities #tulsaorbust #buildingyourlegacyconference #learningtobetterserve #momlife #mamapenuer #businessowner #freedompenuer #wholesoulfitness #abalacedlife

3/24/2017 3:38:47 PM 4

Abby chatted with her birth mom today. The first few years of Abby's life we got to see her frequently, I guess monthly on average. But then she moved across the country so now we only get to see her when we chat. I love that technology makes it so we can more easily keep up with relationships at a distance. And I love that open adoption makes it so my kids have huge families, that they are loved by so many, and that they can know their story more fully! #opwnadoption #adoptivefamily #birthmom #morelove #choosingadoption #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

3/24/2017 4:20:15 AM 1

This morning I did Strong Legs, a Piyo bonus. You are supposed to use slides for the whole workout. I don't have any so I just use plates and they worked fine. Most of the moves were the same as ones in other Piyo workouts, but with the addition of slides/plates. The plates made them more fun. Abby got some out herself to do it with me. But here's one of the moves I liked. Do it for a couple minutes! #slides #toocheapforslides #stronglegs #dontyoulovethefacesimake #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

3/23/2017 3:50:55 PM 1

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