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I keep getting surprised at how easy it is for me to stand up!!! I guess I hadn't thought much about how much energy and strength it actually takes to stand up, but now I pop up so easily it takes me by surprise! And I love it! I'm so grateful that not only is my body just generally healthier now, but life is just easier, even in little things like this! Or holding my kids, or playing with them, or lifting something heavy over my head to put it away. Life is just easier! Would you like your life to get easier? Would you like to be able to do everyday tasks without them seeming draining? I would like that for you! I am hosting a health bet to help people just like you! Enrollment includes: •12 months of access to stream ALL of Beachbody's fitness programs - workouts you can in the convenience and comfort of your home (or WHEREVER YOU WANT TO!) and help picking the program that is right for you! •Multiple meal plans to choose from •Portion control containers (to take the guess work out of balanced eating) •Daily nutrient dense, super-food shake (Making at least one meal a day quick and easy - and tastes like a dessert!) •12 months of personal fitness coaching (by me!!!) •Accountability and support •And the chance to get paid for getting healthier (we will use a free app and as long as you log 5 workouts and 5 shakes a week you will get the $20!!!!!) If you are ready for life to get easier and to just feel better comment below "Let's make a bet!" #amandashealthbet #2017fitplanwithamanda #letsmakeabet #itstimetofeelgreat #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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And why not? These brownies aren't just delicious, they're fueling my body with all the nutrients it needs for the whole day without any blood sugar spikes, caffeine highs, or unhealthy fats. I'm pretty sure I actually heard my body say "thank you!" #breakfastbrownies #dessertforbreakfast #dessertsthatmakeyouhealthier #proteindensehealthybrownies #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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If you had the energy to keep up with your kids all day and still have more to focus on your spouse at the end of the day, what would you do differently? If you could lay in bed at night and have your body not ache, what would that be like for you? What if you could spring up without effort? Does that even seem possible? If you didn't feel bloated any more, if your stomach didn't cramp, if you felt like your body was actually thanking you rather than being mad at you, is that something you can even imagine? All of that is totally possible. And I WANT it for YOU!!! Join my Health Bet and I will help you on your way to feeling AMAZING! Comment below "I want to feel amazing" and I'll send you more info! #youareworthit #youdeserveit #thetimeisnow #amandashealthbet #2017fitplanwithamanda #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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In the beginning of The Book of Mormon Lehi has a vision of the prophesied destruction of Jerusalem and is told to take his family and leave. After they've traveled a few days they set up camp. Lehi is then told he needs to send his sons back to Jerusalem to get The Plates of Brass (the Old Testament). A wealthy and powerful man named Laban has them. The sons make the few days journey back to Jerusalem. None of them liked the idea of going to ask Laban for the plates. He must have been a very intimidating man. The oldest brother, Laman, gets the job. It doesn't go well. Laban not only doesn't give him the plates but also calls him a robber for asking for them, throws him out, and tells him if he comes back he'll kill him. Laman reports to his brothers what happened. I believe his response and that of two of the others is typical of what most of us would do in such a situation: they feel like they've given their best effort and done what was asked of them, it just didn't work. They're done. But Nephi, the youngest, tells them they weren't just sent to TRY to get the plates, they were sent to get them and bring them back. And they weren't going to return to their parents until they had them. "Let us be faithful". They try again and are nearly killed and again the brothers are ready to give up and again Nephi says "Let us be faithful." Nephi ends up going back by himself and this time he is successful! I was reading this and thinking about how sometimes I feel a prompting or drive to do something or make a change and TRY but then hit a roadblock and give up. Have you done that? I've been reading The 10X Rule. He teaches that success is not only important but it is your duty to be successful. Successful people view achieving their goals not just as something to aim for but as vital. He says "I guarantee that when you... begin to consider success to be a responsibility and an ethical issue, then everything else will immediately start to shift. ... To the degree that electing to do our personal best each and every day is ethical, then failing to do so is a violation of ethics." I am going to change my mindset about success and will be faithful! #letusbefaithful #lds

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My dad frequently told us we should have an attitude of gratitude. He was right. When I focus on all the things in my life I am grateful for I am filled with joy and peace. #attitudeofgratitude #dadknowsbest #choosehappiness #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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I know many of you already know these words by heart ❤️, and that's because they're so good! I love knowing that my loving Father will never ask something of me that I wouldn't be able to accomplish with His help. He loves me and is always there to help me, and anything He asks of me is a further reflection of His love for me! And it's the same for you!!! These powerful words come from Thee Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. If you don't already have your own copy of this amazing book I'd love to send you a copy. Let me know! #daughterofgod #iamloved #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #christian #lds #imamormon #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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So excited for my breakfast this morning. Not only does it taste A.MAZ.ING but it fills me up, gives me energy, and helps me recover from my workout. And there's nothing better that I can consume for my body! #dessertforbreakfast #quickeasyhealthydelicious #fuelyourbody #drinkyourvitamins #berryberryberryshake #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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I just love this quote: "Let there be something of a light tone in your life. Let there be fun and happiness, a sense of humor, the capacity to laugh occasionally at things that are funny. "In all of living have much of fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." -Gordon B. Hinckley I get that life can be hard sometimes. A lot of the time. Being a mom is freaking HARD! There is so much poop and puke and screaming and crying and kicking and hitting and biting and fighting and frustration and discouragement and pain and anger and your weaknesses staring you in the face so brightly that it can be blinding and make you feel like curling up in a ball and quitting. I get that! But one of the blessings of being a parent is the opportunity to learn from our children. And one thing that my kids teach through their example frequently is that even though life is challenging, it is also fun! Everything can be an adventure. There are always opportunities to laugh and be happy. I love hearing kids laugh so much, one of the best sounds in the world!!!! I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to get to be with these little humans all the time so I can continue to learn from them! #gordonbhinckley #funandlaughtef #enjoydontjustendure #christian #lds #imamormon #choosehappiness #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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No migraine this morning. Woot, woot! Got my prayer and scripture time in this morning, just did my Piyo workout, and now to make my shake and feed my kids. Today should be great! #feelingproductive #yayfornomigraine #itsagreatday #gotitdone #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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Today is the anniversary of my entering the MTC and meeting these amazing ladies. We were brand new missionaries entering on a new adventure - to spend the next 18 months of our lives fully focused on helping others come closer to Christ. While I have sadly lost touch with the two farther from me, the beautiful girl sitting next to me is still one of my favorite people. I have learned so much from her, first in the 3 weeks that we were companions in the MTC, then as we served the next 24 weeks in Humboldt Branch together, and every time I have had the opportunity since then I have become a better person. She is an amazing mom, dedicated wife, a friend to all. She is talented, intelligent, kind, compassionate, and faithful. I'm so grateful to have you in my life Crystal - Happy Anniversary!!!

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I woke up this morning with a major migraine, for the third day in a row. I had Piyo Drench on the calendar for my workout today. I knew though that doing such an intense workout would leave my head pounding even more and prolong my migraine. I believe that to get the best results physically it is best to follow the workout calendar of a given program (the people that design them are pretty smart and know how to optimize results) but doing so was just not the best option for me today. Before I started my fitness journey I would have just let my migraine be an excuse not to exercise (and after several days of that I would be out of the habit of working and not start again for a few more months). But not any more. I was so grateful for my BoD All Access this morning so I could find just the right workout to fit my needs. I did a 20 minute yoga one that was perfect and actually left my head feeling better than before I started! If you haven't given BoD a try yet you should! So many options to fit any need! And just on a side note- my down dog has improved so much since a year ago! I'm not saying it rocks but my arms are much more in-line with my back (I have tight shoulders so it's a struggle for me) and my heels are closer to the floor! If you want to try out BoD let me know! #mydowndogtransformation #transformationtuesday #migrainesurvivor #getitdone #yoga #noexcuses #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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With it being President's Day Ryan had the day off work so we spent it at the zoo with Ryan's parents. Mikey sure loves his papa, as well as these upside down jellyfish. But really the most exciting part of our day there I didn't get a picture or video of and I've been made at myself ever since. We were watching this cut baby gorilla in an enclosure with two females. I had my phone out and everything so I could get a pic of Mikey with the baby when he came back by. But then this male came in and started a fight with the females. I froze as I was nervous about what he was going to do to the baby. That went on for a little bit, and then this huge silver back came in and joined the fight and then I was even more nervous about the baby. Eventually it settled down and we found that the baby was clinging to his moms belly and was fine. I was so stressed the whole time (I am not the kind of person that enjoys watching fights) but it was fascinating at the same time ( I have never seen gorillas fight like that before, with their teeth bared and everything) and I so wish it would have occurred to me to video it, especially since I had my phone all ready to go! Darn womanly instinct and concern for the baby !!!! How was your President's Day? #presidentsday #zoofun #gorillafight #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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