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If you could see this invitation, it means that you are the chosen one to come to this Valentine Celebration --12.Feb.17 -7 pm at : GPdI Ekklesia Gorontalo , (P.Kalengkongan Street) Dress code : boys: blue|girls: pink @gpdiekklesiagorontalo ▶⏩ Don't let your youth goes by for nothing ! As a Father loves His children with unconditional love , that is the reason why " I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU (Jesus) "

11.2.2017 11:30:39 0

Ni karna g pake sunblock n kegatelan ga boleh liat aer langsung nyemplung wktu ke olele kulit jdi merah dan alhasil kayak ular, pada ganti kulit semua

31.1.2017 08:14:34 5
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When those girls in a row and standing in front of short people what would we get ? Being kicked from the middle to the corner risk of being taller than another girl. #superblessedsunday #grace #tallgirls #mydiary #cekrek #gbu #happysunday ❤️❤️

4.12.2016 14:02:31 9

Ada yang baru nih ... "Tahu Krezz" Rasa boleh di pilih -Original -Sapi Panggang -Keju -Mix Shinta ( kenapa ga mix Widya aja ya ? Lol) -Balado -Barbeque -Super Hot -Extra Hot -Sapi Lada Hitam -Sambal ++ (tahu maksiat nih hihi ) -Pizza -Jagung Bakar Cobain deh .. harga nya cuma Rp.8.000 hanya di Waroeng Jadol

25.10.2016 07:41:54 6

Collection sling bag. PM for price Limited stock .. keren guys, kekinian banget

15.10.2016 05:51:26 1

Nasi Goreng Special di "Waroeng Jadol" ummm Yummyyyy

12.10.2016 13:13:08 4

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