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Raelynn is pretty freaking amazing

20.2.2017 07:07:59 2

Happy 1st birthday my boy!! Your growing so fast, it seems like only yesterday you were laying beside mom on the hospital bed trying with all your strength to keep your eyes open and look around❤I remember the first time you smiled, it was the cutest smile I've seen and I just couldn't help but hold you as tight as an infant can take (which wasn't that hard). Know that no matter how old you get that age is just a number and you'll always be my favourite little guy❤ #1st #birthday #jr #littlebrother

20.2.2017 00:32:06 5
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#tb to when @aaliyah_e14 and I were going to sleep but she HAD to read "the cat in the hat" first and when she flipped the page it ripped❤️❤️not a moment goes by that I don't love spending time with her❤️. #happy8years

17.2.2017 10:05:02 0

Cutest people everrrrrrr!!!!!❤️*likes my own post*

15.2.2017 08:02:25 2

Haha @raelynn_patrick_94 "sloth"

15.2.2017 01:47:08 0
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Seriously. This isn't a thing I'm posting because it's funny or amusing or because I know other people will relate to this I'm dead ass. I posted this because you as my friends need to know to let me either cool off or give me food

10.2.2017 08:48:46 1

My bucket list tbh... #eat #a #hammerheadshark

9.2.2017 17:44:23 0

No one I love more then her❤️ @_alacia_xo

8.2.2017 02:24:56 1

#tb (not on Thursday) to Edmonton/red deer trip with jaden, Chahel, and deegan lol went to the washroom at this gas station we stopped at and I came back to find that my iPod had a million pics of jaden and Chahel hahaha this one was my fav

7.2.2017 10:19:28 3

I guess we all have daddy issues❤️

6.2.2017 10:34:54 1

@shawntee.q lmao them moves thoooo❤️ and then Tannysha laughing at the end❤️ @gum_drop11

5.2.2017 08:10:49 9

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