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news flash: u didnt get to me


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It's 7:58am and the teacher comes in 10 minutes and I'm not emotionally ready for school. The weekend was too shirt and I don't want to go to working experience next week. I'm really anxious about it but at the same time I'm like.. just get on with it so it'll be over. But also graduation is giving me stress bc I don't know what to wear where I'd look okay and I'd feel okay. There's not much clothes like that and idk I'm messed up i don't wanna go but also I kinda want to get that over with as well. So I can stay home and relax until I find a find a job. And then make future plans #zaynmalik #zayn#zigi#gigihadid #bellahadid #zquad #littlemix #onedirection #harrypotter #teenwolf #daaliam #daazayn #liampayne

3/27/2017 8:01:44 AM 0
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Maybe it's zayns turn next to have a baby. I do know that if he stays with gigi longer than with perrie, they won't have the baby any day soon bc gig's career is all about her body and when have you had a pregnant model and she might gain a lot of weight after it and she would need to stay home for few years to take care of their baby and stuff. so maybe when they're 30. just a assumption. Or if zayn is with someone else when he's 30, and they had a baby. It would idk man I can't wait to have little zaynies walking around the room. #zaynmalik #zayn#zigi#gigihadid #bellahadid #zquad #littlemix #onedirection #harrypotter #teenwolf #daaliam #daazayn #liampayne

3/26/2017 6:59:05 PM 1

ok so he texts me saying "boo", and I reply with a simple hey. like it was 10pm when he texted and like 9am when I did. And then at 1pm he says he's dying and that last night was a mistake and I ask if he's hungover and he hasn't replied. like it's been 6h and he hasn't even been online. like what is he doing? Did he fall asleep or? he does this all the time. One moment he texts me and then he ignores my texts for many many hours and then just texts back. I hate when I'm being ignored and I don't want to be treated like that :( like few months ago he seemed to be rlly rlly interested and even said we were a match made in heaven and then cheekily corrected himself by saying tinder and we laughed about it and I'm so confused. he's said he likes me but like I feel like I'm being played. Idk how to feel or how to act when he just suddenly texts me after days and even weeks of not texting. #zaynmalik #zayn#zigi#gigihadid #bellahadid #zquad #littlemix #onedirection #harrypotter #teenwolf #daaliam #daazayn #liampayne

3/26/2017 6:07:23 PM 10

ok so I wake up and make some coffee that'll last for my mum as well. And then she wakes up like 20 mins after and all she does is complain and criticise. "Just coffee?" "what's this milk? Did you leave it here over night?" "I told you to run by the store yesterday and all you bought was a pizza." LIKE TF IS WRONG WITH YOU BITCH? If you aint got nothing nice to say then shut the fuck up, I did something nice, I made coffee and all YOU do is complain. what is wrong with you? #zaynmalik #zayn#zigi#gigihadid #bellahadid #zquad #littlemix #onedirection #harrypotter #teenwolf #daaliam #daazayn #liampayne

3/25/2017 9:54:00 AM 1

I'm that kinda person who rather works alone and is alone but when you see your friends laughing and stuff and hear it and they're having fun you kinda feel lonely and empty. But then again you like to be alone so there's that. But then you always still anyway think "what if I went with them?"

3/23/2017 11:36:25 AM 9

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